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31 December 2008 @ 11:59 pm
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Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: which to bury, us or the hatchet? ♥ relient k
Kari: B!ATDspeedoflight311 on September 18th, 2007 01:27 am (UTC)
gemini_angel63 on October 14th, 2007 03:52 am (UTC)
Hey, gemini_angel63 from your old account add if you want.
bellaviita on March 28th, 2008 12:28 am (UTC)
i saw ur post on callusfreaks
and i was wondering where i could find ur house of holland icons? (:
heyk8tieee on April 6th, 2008 10:04 am (UTC)
lol bb didn't you make that banner for me?
Skye ♥xxthnks4thmmrs on April 6th, 2008 02:14 pm (UTC)
Yup, but I liked it, so I used it. I'm about to change it anyway because my layout doesn't match.
"hold your breath and hold on tight" he whispered.: selena and demi rock sign.beatenupcamaro on April 28th, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)
hey it's noel (musicsinme), i have a new account. =]
Skye ♥xxthnks4thmmrs on April 28th, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
added ♥